“I own several homes and I can say with confidence that folks at Rheinschild are by far the best property managers I have ever worked with. They have been managing our estate for years and in the most professional manner possible. The best part is that I rarely need to give them directions. They are onsite and anticipate everything I could think of and more. The smoke alarm on my estate went off the other night at 2am, and Eric was there within minutes! They are extremely responsive, and will do whatever is necessary, at the drop of a hat. My years of association with them has reinforced my belief in their abilities and I recommend them to everyone looking for property management service.”

- Jack McGinley

“They are fantastic. I don’t even have the words to explain how great they are. We live in San Francisco and when we purchased this amazing property we were very concerned with how we would be able to manage it from such a long distance. We liked Eric and Bri from the moment we met them. They remove all worry from having a second home in a distant location. They have flawless judgement. They are very well connected with the community. They are extremely resourceful. No one can bluff them or fool them when they are getting work done. We are so grateful and comforted to know that they are managing our property better than we ever could ourselves.”

- Charan & Sylvia Singh

“Rheinschild & Associates has been managing our two properties for the last seven years. They are honest, super-efficient, and stay on top of every maintenance issue one can think of. By availing the services of Rheinschild, we can relax and enjoy at our home instead of focusing on upkeep.  When the fire and mudslides happened, they went above and beyond their responsibilities to ensure that things were back on track at the earliest. They were at our home, protecting it from flying embers and smoke making sure the insurance protection checklist was complete. Rheinschild and their helpful team really make a difference in our lives.”

- Anna Morfit

"We live in Hope Ranch, several months of the year and the rest abroad. Eric fulfills a critical role for our family while we are in Santa Barbara as well as when we are abroad. The key functions we entrust Eric with are full personal financial management, estate management, and property logistics. By having Eric manage all our personal finances and house administration, it leaves me with more time for business. It also allows me to spend quality personal time with my family. Additionally, Eric has been very resourceful in improving many aspects of our lives including our insurance, health care providers, landscaping, home safety, travel planning, wine storage, etc. Their services are economical when you realize just how much they do. Although we rely on Eric for many activities, the cost savings he was able to implement in our home was pleasantly surprising, especially when he had insurance cover most of our costs. Additionally, given that Eric has been part of the Santa Barbara community for a long time, we can trust him fully, which gives us a great degree of comfort and peace of mind.”

- John-Michael & Helen

“We hired Rheinschild & Associates to manage our property in Montecito. As absentee owners, we had struggled with managing gardeners, cleaners, simple repairs, vacationing friends and property improvements that are an essential part of second home ownership. Things like “Has the pool really been turned off?”, “Are the gardeners working the hours they bill?”, “Who can open the house for the stove delivery and how to find a right plumber or electrician?”, these are a few typical questions we wrestled with over the previous 7 years. The answer turned out to be hiring Eric and his professional team.

During the time that we have worked together, Eric has made the property management both, easier and cost-effective. We created a custom menu of services we wanted Eric to provide and there were others that he proactively sought out. For example, by unilaterally deciding to manage our hot water heaters, spa, pool and home heating solution, he helped reduce our utility costs by 75%. Eric and his team opens our home when guests arrive, they deal with false alarms, fix broken faucets, manage construction projects and give directions to the gardening crew. By availing the service of Rheinschild & Associates we have able to get rid of the headache involving hiring and orchestrating multiple subcontractors. Eric is competent and trustworthy, and our association with his firm has been a home run”.

- Jim & Stephanie

"Working with Eric has been such a pleasure. He introduced me to some of the most professional people in town. Eric’s company Rheinschild & Associates took care of our estate needs in a timely and professional manner. I could always feel that with Eric‘s supervision, the job was going to get done 100% perfectly. Since Eric is a native of Santa Barbara, he knows everybody and has always arranged a good price on vendor services for us. He is always looking out for our best interest. Thank you Eric. I am glad that our professional partnership happened."

- Alex Thompson

"Eric Rheinschild has done an exceptional job managing two homes for us.  He also did an excellent job overseeing the renovation of one of our homes.  Eric is detailed, honest, trustworthy and totally dedicated to his profession. He treats our home and our money as if it was his and that is all I could have asked for. I never worry about anything because Eric is there for us."

- Ed Glazer

"Hiring Rheinschild & Associates has turned out to be one of the best (and smartest) moves we have made since buying our home in Montecito four years ago. From the start, Eric jumped right in to assist with everything we needed to maintain and upgrade our home and property. From finding and overseeing housekeeping, gardening services, and plumbing to home gym design, Eric also procured and negotiated bids for house painting and construction of a storage shed on our property; they did it all seamlessly and timely. They even deliver and pick up our car to and from the airport upon our arrival and departure.

Then came along Bri, who has proven herself to be a welcome addition and a great asset to us as absentee homeowners. Eric knows the community, which has provided immense value to us as newcomers as he can quickly identify the best service providers in the area. Both Eric and Bri oversees every step, ensuring services provided and products installed are completed in a timely and high-quality manner, they do everything as if it were their own homes. This is indeed one of their best qualities.

All of the services that Eric and Bri have provided, have exceeded our expectations however the most notable of them was when the wildfire and subsequent mudslide affected the community. Knowing Eric and Bri were there to watch over our property has provided much comfort during the unimaginable disaster that struck the community and our home while we were away from home. They provided us with regular updates, met with the insurance adjuster, and coordinated services after our home was affected by the wildfire smoke. Both Eric and Bri are worth their weight in gold, and we could not be happier with (or more grateful for) everything they have done for us."

- Mark & Sally Egan

"Eric and Bri have been managing our property in Montecito for four years. During this period, we had the Thomas Fire and the 2018 Mudslides. Having the Rheinschild Team working for us has been nothing short of a godsend. They have exceeded expectations especially during those challenging times. We felt that they put the same care and attention into our home as they would have put in their own. We highly recommend them for property management in Montecito!"

- The Schwartz Family

“We have been clients for well over five years and have had nothing but an excellent and honest experience with R&A. Myself being a part-time resident, their team goes above and beyond to make sure that our property is well kept and that we have a seamless experience whenever we are in town. Even during the 2018 crisis, we were a continent away, but the team kept us feel fully in the loop, safe, and secure.”

- M. & M. Stewart

“Rheinschild & Associates has helped care for our home since 2016. We started our relationship with them with an excellent service level and the consistency of this service has not changed –  week to week, month to month – they stay on top of what needs to be done. They are great at managing the many vendors hired, and follow up to make sure the work that was agreed to is done to their standard. Plus, they are very nice and professional people to work with.”

 - W.H.

With Rheinschild & Associates looking after our property, I am confident they will deal with any issue that may arise. They have excellent contacts, including professionals in the trades and specialty services. Eric’s training as a civil engineer is an advantage when it comes to projects that require expertise and planning considerations. Bri is equally helpful in insuring projects are completed in a timely manner. We would highly recommend them to other estate owners in Santa Barbara.”

– M. Thompson

“We hired Rheinschild & Associates in 2015 as our estate manager. Since then, they have been essential in helping us with a variety of challenges including managing vendors, water resources, needed repairs and more. Eric brings a valuable dynamic to the work because of his civil engineering background. He is highly analytical and has found the best vendors to care for our home. Apart from their performance, they are also enjoyable people to work with — very unassuming, discreet and respectful of our privacy. In every situation, they have always risen to the occasion.”  

-       B.H.




“We have been working with Rheinschild & Associates since 2007 and they are currently managing several of our clients’ properties. Eric and his team are one of the very few companies that practices the utmost in professionalism. They are extremely diligent and always looking out for their client’s best interest. R&A is by and far the best in the business for ultra-high net worth clients and their homes. These are all vacation or secondary homes and the team ensures that they provide white glove service. Any work on the property is of the highest quality and performed with utmost discretion—after all privacy is of utmost importance in this industry.”

- Dina Landi, Managing Partner, Riskin Partners

“I am an interior designer based in Michigan and work with Rheinschild & Associates, as they are the managers for one of my client’s homes. While the home was undergoing extensive renovations, Eric and Bri could not have been more helpful or responsive. They helped coordinate the cherished packages I was shipping to and made sure that they were onsite up to 2x a day to receive them. When me and the client would frequent the town, Eric and his team made sure the house was ready with amenities, and vehicles were detailed and waited for us at the airport. They always pick up my call, no matter what time of the day. They are simply fabulous.”

- Renee Kaip, Owner, House of M Design

“We’ve worked with Rheinschild & Associates on multiple fire & water restoration projects in estates they manage. R&A’s level of attention to detail is like nothing we have experienced prior. Their team ensures that even magazines on bookshelves are placed back in their exact order after work is complete. They require a very high level of expertise & expect perfection, but we are happy to do it because they are enjoyable to work with. Their team is always available, quick to respond and will do with urgency whatever is necessary to keep the job moving forward. With our decades of experience in the industry, we can certainly say Rheinschild & Associates is the most professional property management company we’ve ever worked with.”

- Cheyne Knight, C.E.O., QwikResponse

“Rheinschild and Associates are a highly professional and driven company. Eric at the helm is a great problem solver. He personifies the ‘can do’ attitude in every situation and nothing rattles him. Bri is hyper organized and has strict follow through with every task no matter how seemingly minor. They make a great property management team.”

- Ryan Milhon, President, Montecito Construction

“We handle insurance claims on behalf of mutual clients and have been working together with R&A since the Thomas Fires. Eric, Bri, and their entire team is amazing at customer service and extraordinarily responsive. They have a vast array of resources and relationships in the Santa Barbara community that benefit everyone involved. On top of that, they have been wonderful to work with. They are very nice people.”

- Matthew Blumkin, C.E.O., Greenspan Company

“We build luxury homes for extremely particular, discerning and sophisticated home owners. We never hesitate to recommend R&A to care for our client’s homes after they are completed. They truly have the clients’ best interests in caring for their home at heart.”

- Brandon Friggione, Project Manager, Leonard Unander Associates, Inc.

“We are a design, build and full service landscape team that has worked with R&A for many years. We greatly appreciate our relationship with them. They are thoughtful, responsive, courteous and well organized.”

- David Niles, Co-Owner/Partner, Landscapes by Davids